Books & Literary Criticism

American and English Literature: All Collections: Electronic books of American and English literature - poetry, drama, fiction, and the Bible - originally published in print. Explore American poetry from 1600 to the present. Compare different editions of Shakespeare's work. Read early American fiction. Explore English drama.

Literary Reference Center: Contains plot summaries, literary criticism, author biographies and interviews, and the full text of thousands of poems and short stories.

NoveList Plus: Anyone looking for a new fiction title to read should try NoveList. NoveList allows readers of all ages to use a favorite author or title to discover new books to read. You can also search NoveList's 57,000 title database by subject or genre. With NoveList's Explore Fiction feature, you can browse through 350 different categories of science fiction, romance, mysteries, fantasy, horror, westerns and adventure.

NoveList K-8: NoveList Plus K-8 allows you to discover the fiction titles that are popular with young readers as well as titles to use in your classroom or with your children. The NoveList Learning Center provides a complete introduction to the product and shows you how to use NoveList to meet the reading needs of your students or children.