CCPL Management Team


chris wick

Chris Wick: Director
Direct dial: 513-735-7190

maura gray

Maura Gray: Fiscal Officer
Direct dial: 513.735.7189

Lillian Carol Bush: Accounting Specialist & Notary
Direct dial: 513.735.7187

Support Departments

Gina Molter

Gina Molter: Collection Development Manager
Direct dial: 513.735.7183

Theresa Herron: Communications Manager
Direct dial: 513.735.7162

Jim George

Jim George: Manager - Information Services
Direct dial: 513.735.7152

tracey mccullough

Tracey McCullough: Marketing and Programming Manager
Direct dial: 513.735.7188

joel walters

Joel Walters: Manager - Technical Services
Direct dial: 513.735.7146

Other Contacts

Tammy Craig: Events & Calendar Contact
Direct dial: 513.735.7163

laura eckert

Laura Eckert: Website Specialist
Direct dial: 513.735.7154

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