Give the Gift of Knowledge

The Clermont County Public Library welcomes gifts and donations that further enhance the community with valuable information and services. Provide the gift of knowledge by donating books, magazines, and more. Your gift to the library, whatever the occasion, is always appreciated.

For more information regarding the Library's Gift and Donation programs, please visit your local branch, call the Office of Public Affairs at 513-732-2736 or email the library.

Contribute to the Clermont County Public Library Fund

Donations can be made to the Clermont County Public Library Fund at The Greater Cincinnati Foundation. Working with The Greater Cincinnati Foundation, the Library is establishing an endowment fund to support its goals and mission.

Contribute to Library Programs

A donation to support or sponsor a library program or series is always welcome. The money may be designated to a specific branch for a specific programming purpose or it may be given as a general gift and used as needed. Donations are accepted year round. These gifts may also be designated to support specific library services, such as our Summer Reading Program, which will benefit the library as a whole.

Contribute to Library Equipment or Facilities

The library accepts specific gifts for equipment and furniture needs. A catalog is available that explains the donation procedure. Items not available in the catalog can still be purchased for the branch, if they meet industry specifications. A donation for facilities is generally given in order to improve the surroundings of the branch or to meet a specific need at the branch; such as a bicycle rack. These donations are made after a specific request from the branch manager or staff.

Memorial and Honor Gifts

All gifts can be designated to recognize a special event or moment. This is a thoughtful way to celebrate a birthday or honor the memory of a special person or even a pet. You may request a bookplate to be attached.

More Contribution Ideas

There are even more ways to give to the Clermont County Public Library. You may make a monetary donation. The library will accept personal checks or cash. Or you may choose to donate an actual item such as a movie, CD, or book. Please check with your local branch to see if they can recommend an item that fits our mission.

The library welcomes gifts and donations. The completion of all gift acceptances occurs when the Board of Trustees approve the donation. Once approved, the donation becomes the property of the library and will be used according to library policies and procedures.

The Clermont County Public Library reserves the right to refuse any donation that does not comply with our mission statement.