Our Volunteers Make a difference


Goshen Branch Volunteers

The Goshen Branch Library currently has a total of 49 volunteers. That is 16 more volunteers than last year. The increase in the number of volunteers was due to our Book Buddies Mentoring program. This year we had 19 mentors who volunteered for our Book Buddies summer reading program. This is the largest group of volunteers we have had since it started 10 years ago. The 19 mentors worked with students K-4th grade one-on-one with their reading, spelling and comprehension. This is a 7 week program and it is designed to help students retain his or her reading level throughout the summer months. It is quite a commitment for both the mentors and students!

For the past few years we have had members from the same family volunteer at our branch and for the Book Buddies program. Our newest volunteer Rebekah Still has followed in her older sibling’s footsteps, Crystal and Karl, and has begun to volunteer 2hrs a week shelving our DVDs and straightening our shelves. Rebekah also became a Book Buddies mentor this year in addition to her weekly volunteering.

Our Volunteers donate their time in many ways. They shelve our books, organize our Book Fairs, help with programs, and donate funds to provide wonderful programs at no cost to the public. With our many programs funded by our Volunteers, the members of the Goshen community get to create wonderful craft items, enjoy live entertainment and gain knowledge from professional speakers.

Lastly, our Volunteers for the past few summers have donated enough money to pay for Goshen’s portion of the System-wide Summer Reading Program for ages 0-18. The money is used to buy prizes for completing various reading activities. The funds raised and donated by the Volunteers have provided the Goshen Branch Library with so much. The Staff would like to say Thank You for all you do and for allowing our branch to provide the community with all of these wonderful things.