Records Retention Policy

Section 1

A Records Commission of the Clermont County Public Library composed of the Clerk Treasurer, Director and one Trustee. The Commission shall meet in July each year for the purpose of approving records to be disposed. The Clerk Treasurer shall prepare the list of records to be disposed and present it to the Board of Trustees at the August meeting for approval. A file maintained by the Clerk Treasurer will serve as the official record of all actions taken by the Records Commission. the file shall contain all disposal lists and approvals. The file shall be an official record of the Library Board of Trustees. In all cases, the Ohio Historical Society – State Archives – Local Governmental Records Program will receive an RC-3 (Certificate of Records Disposal) before any records are disposed of, transferred or destroyed.

Section 2

Records shall fall into two categories: Permanent and Non-Permanent. The following list shows the retention period of specific records, which is compiled from recommendations of the Auditor of State’s Office and the Ohio Historical Society.

  • Annual Financial Report to the State Auditor
  • Annual Report to the State Library
  • Audit Reports from the Auditor of State
  • Annual Operating Budgets
  • Board of Trustees Minutes
  • Board of Trustee Agenda Packets
  • Deferred Compensation Deduction Reports and Statements
  • Dependent Benefit Coverage Forms
  • Fixed Asset Inventories
  • Personnel and Annual Summary Payroll Summary Reports
  • PERS Records
  • Records Commission File
  • W-2 Forms
  • W-4 Forms (until superceded)
  • Worker’s Compensation Claim Forms
Non-Permanent Retention Period
Accident Reports Adult – 4 Years/Provided Audited
Minor – 4 Years or 2 Years after reaching age of majority
Bank Deposit Receipts 4 years/Until Audited
Bank Statements 4 Years/Until Audited
Bids Successful 15 Years after completion of contract/Until Audited
Bids Unsuccessful 4 Years/Until Audited
Cancelled Checks 4 years/Until Audited
Cash Journals 10 Years/Until Audited
Check Registers 4 Years/Until Audited
Claims and Litigation Records 4 Years After Appeals Are Exhausted
Contracts for Services 15 Years/Until Audited
Correspondence (Executive) 4 Years
Depository Agreements Until Superceded and Audited
Employee Time Sheets 4 Years/Until Audited
Employment Applications 1 Year if Not Hired
Federal Tax Forms 941 10 Years/Until Audited
Insurance Policies 3 Years After Expiration/No claims Filed
Investment Reports 4 Years/Until Audited
Lease Agreements 4 Years After Expiration/Provided Audited
Leave Requests 4 Years/Until audited
OBES Quarterly Payroll Report 1 Year Provided Audited
Purchase Orders 4 Years/Until Audited
Quotations for Goods/Services 4 Years/Until Audited
Receipt Books 4 Years/Until Audited
State, City, School District Tax Forms 6 Years/Provided Audited
Unemployment Compensation Claims 4 Years/Until Audited
Vouchers with Invoices 4 Years/Until Audited

Until Audited and Provided Audited is defined as the fiscal years encompassed have been audited by the Auditor of State and the audit report has been duly released.

Approved by Clermont County Public Library
Board of Trustees
November 9, 1998