Library Lover

With an apology to all poets….

The month of February Can be awfully scary
Filled with snow, ice and sleet
Frozen face, hands and feet.
It’s so hard to stay warm
Or even dream of the charm
Of a lush early spring
Chirping birds on the wing.
But the Public Library Is a really good fairy!
She brings life to the room
As she drives off the gloom.
So generous with herself-
Offerings on every shelf.
With one come-hither look
Wow! I’m reading a book!
Soon I’m lost in the heat
Of a southern retreat.
Now the world’s bright and sunny A
nd magically funny.
Sometimes it’s mysterious
Or factually serious
I am transported away
From this cold dreary day.
Yippee yee, yippee yay!

Nancy from Williamsburg

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