Library Lover

The staff of CCPL is very friendly and helpful. The library is not so big that you feel lost and not so small that you feel that there is not a very good selection of books. I love the fact that if your branch does not have a book that you are looking for you can easily order it from another branch or source. When I was a Freshmen in High School I read a book called God Is My Copilot for a book report. I liked the book so much that I wanted to read it again but they did not have it at the library. I inquired about the book and they checked for me and it was not at any of the other branches but they found it for me from another source and ordered it in. I also love the fact that you have the biggest selection of l arge print books. I have trouble reading small print and with the large print I do not have to squint anymore and can still have the enjoyment of reading a good book.

Michael from the Milford Branch

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