Library Contest!

Tell us why your library card is important to you; give us just one reason and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet by Improv Electronics.

You’ve got until September 30 to share your story, here in the comments. The winner will be announced on October 4.

Photos of the lucky winner may be chosen to be used in upcoming promotional posters! So strike a pose and smile when claiming your prize!

  1. My library card is very important to becasue i have 2 small children, so I don’t have time to read hard copy books. I use my library card to participate in he Ohio e-book program. It is convienant. I don’t have to take time out to visit the library to get audio books and I don’t have to worry about returning on time as the e book just expires in 2 weeks and is gone.

    Thanks to the Clermont County Library System for providing this great service.

  2. I love the “Ohio Libraries Share MORE” system. Its like Interlibrary Loan without the fees. I can request the books myself and have access to dozens of library collections across the entire state. I have yet to find a book or movie that I can’t find via MORE. Thanks for connecting us to this great service!

  3. my card is special to me because as a stay at home mom without money of my own i get to read books that i havent read before. when i get a chance to go to the library to get books, or order books to be sents to the branch close to me, it helps give me something to do to keep my mind occupied so im not just sitting at a computer or starting at a wall. when the baby is asleep and i have nothing else to do reading is a way for me to relax and when you only have a few books at home it gets boring rereading them so many times you know almost the whole book. the library helps me have plenty to read and each time i go to the library something new always catches my eye, i’ve found many great books this way. the ohio ebook project is also really usefull when i dont have a ride to the actual library to get anything new.

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