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Want to dip your toe into the supernatural world but not sure where to start?

The new breed of supernatural creatures, known as “vamps”, “weres” and “shape shifters” are less like the stiff, scary characters of old black and white silent movies and more like your next door neighbor with an edge. In this world of urban fantasy, supernatural and paranormal literature, beings are out of the closet, drink synthetic blood, and hold regular jobs.

Leading author Charlaine Harris, made more famous by HBO’s True Blood series, serves up a blend of mystery, romance, fast-paced action and a bit of thrill and suspense in her Southern Vampire Mystery series. Follow Sookie Stackhouse, the smart, upbeat, main character and telepath, as she mixes with the supernatural folks in the ten book series.

No time to read? What better way to savor the southern humor and soak in the small town atmosphere and life of Sookie Stackhouse than to listen to the book on CD A Touch of Dead, a collection of short stories by Charlaine Harris, read by Johanna Parker.

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