Staff Picks: Tracey

bloody jackTracey, the Supervisor of the Office of Programs and Public Affairs, has worked for the library for 23 years. She’s a big fan of horror novels although Laura Ingalls Wilder is her favorite author.

She started reading Stephen King as a teenager. Carrie is one of her favorites by him; she enjoyed the insight into life as an outcast. “You root for Carrie even though you know it’s not going to end well,” she explained.

The Stand is another of her King favorites. “It’s full of good and evil archetypes, the battle of good and evil and the drama of who’s ultimately going to triumph.”

Tracey’s currently reading Bloody Jack, a historical young adult novel about a girl who disguises herself as a boy and gets hired to work on a British war ship. “I’m absolutely loving it! It’s so amazingly good!”

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