Cave Bear Finale – Long Time Comin’

Author Jean Auel (rhymes with “owl”) created an instant sensation in September, 1980 with the release of the prehistoric fiction book The Clan of the Cave Bear. The story begins as Ayla, a five year old Cro-Magnon girl, is orphaned and later adopted by the Neanderthal Cave Bear Clan. Slowly but surely, Auel released sequels which became known as the Earth’s Children series. Ayla matured and met love interests Jondalar and Ranec as she traveled throughout Ice Age Europe.

The final book in the series, Land of the Painted Caves, will be released on March 29, 2011. Now is the time to revisit the series and it is important to read them in order to get the full flavor of the time period, setting and challenges faced by the main characters. All of the titles are available in several formats – Playaways, books, CD and large print:

  1. Clan of the Cave Bear
  2. Valley of  Horses
  3. Mammoth Hunters
  4. Plains of Passage
  5. Shelters of Stone

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