Discover Readalikes

Did you know that you can now use the library’s catalog to find readalikes?  What’s a readalike?  When two books are readalikes, it means that they have similar appeal.  If you enjoyed one, there’s a reasonable chance you’ll enjoy the other.  When you look at a book record in our catalog, scroll drown the screen to find additional content pulled from the Novelist database – just give it a few seconds to load!  For many books you’ll find a section called Similar Titles from NoveList suggesting readalikes owned by CCPL.  You may also see sections called Similar Authors from NoveList and Related NoveList Content (award winners, book discussion guides, recommended reading book lists, etc.).  You’ll really appreciate this feature when you discover that the book you want is checked out.  Novelist will give you a great list of readalikes to tide you over while you wait for your hold to come in!

You can also search the Novelist database directly to find additional content.  If you’re an avid reader, take some time to check this database out – you’ll be glad you did.

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