Computer Source – a Hidden Gem

Don’t be fooled by the name of this database – it has information on just about every tech-related subject you can imagine, for the most sophisticated geek to the novice just learning how to send e-mail.

Computer Source is a database which can be reached from the library’s home page under the “Research & Homework” link. There are several ways to use this database. For instance,  what if your child needs several resources for a report she is doing on the future of the electric car?  Check the box indicating you are seeking full- text articles and put the words “electric car” into the search box. Eureka! You will find full- text articles from Electronic Design , Electronics Weekly and Technology Review that discuss the latest developments in electric  and hybrid car technology. Just think of the headaches this database could fend off when science fair time rolls around …

Explore the publications that are included in this resource. Want a review on the video game your child insists that all his friends own? Search under the name of the game and you are likely to pull up articles from Electronic Gaming Monthly or Games for Windows.

Need advice for deciding which of the latest I-Pods to purchase? A search will likely bring up articles from MacWorld. Do you need to make a technology purchasing decision at the office?  PC Business Products, one of the featured publications, provides the latest news and information on software, hardware, supplies and services for individuals & companies who use PCs in business applications.

Just want to stay current on the latest technology developments?  Read the most current issue of such publications as PC World and you will feel more comfortable the next time your friends launch into a discussion of the Firstech DroneMobile. Have fun!

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