I seem to be hearing a lot of that word these days! I can tolerate the impending rain, as it promises that things will be very green and flower-y soon, but the allergies & constant sneezing are quite another beast. I’ve been on the hunt for some homeopathic remedies that might alleviate my allergy symptoms, and I wanted to make sure that my information was coming from a trusted source and not just a random Google search.

I turned to our many databases on Health and Medicine to begin my allergy-free quest. Some excellent resources in that category are Alt HealthWatch, MedlinePlus, NetWellness, and PubMed. These databases allow you to browse medical, health-related and drug reference books. You can read articles on health and fitness and find sources on alternative health information. It includes full text journals, magazines, and reference books dealing with physical health, mental health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition. Coverage includes a focus on the complementary, holistic and integrated approaches to health and wellness.

These examples are some of the many invaluable databases available on clermontlibrary.org. To access all available databases visit Research & Homework and click on databases. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to try stinging nettle, turmeric, & garlic for these allergies…

*This article was originally published in Checkouts Newsletter Spring 2010

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