Happy Birthday James Beard!

From the James Beard Foundation:

Anointed the “dean of American cookery” by the New York Times in 1954, James Beard laid the groundwork for the food revolution that has put America at the forefront of global gastronomy. He was a pioneer foodie, host of the first food program on the fledgling medium of television in 1946, the first to suspect that classic American culinary traditions might cohere into a national cuisine, and an early champion of local products and markets. Beard nurtured a generation of American chefs and cookbook authors who have changed the way we eat.

Born May 5, 1903, James Beard who died in 1985, would have been 108 this year.  In commemoration, why not check out his classic, The Fireside Cookbook?  This facsimile edition of the 1949 original includes hundreds of recipes and charming illustrations.

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