War Veteran to Speak at Library

“I joined the 2nd platoon of Charlie Company with 46 men in March of 1967 and ended up with only four men left in December of 1967.”

Sadly, these sobering words are not found in an embellished work of fiction, dramatized for affect. Instead, they can be found in “395 Days” a detailed book written by local author and Vietnam veteran Gary Kasten.

Kasten spent 395 days in the Vietnam jungle, arriving there in 1967. Almost immediately upon returning home from his tour of duty, he began writing down all of his experiences hoping to alleviate the stress and burden that the memories carried. He vividly describes those 395 days – from the food and sights to the unmitigated fear he and the other men faced.

Kasten joins the Milford-Miami Twp. Branch Library on Saturday, May 28, 2011 at 10:30 am to discuss and read excerpts from his book. He has witnessed things many of us have only ever read or seen in movies — don’t miss this opportunity to experience living history.

Space for Mr. Kasten’s presentation is limited so stop by the branch or call (513) 248-0700 to reserve your spot.

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