Fun to Be Frugal

Are you a fan of penny pinching, being frugal and extreme couponing? Then we have a treat for you!

Amber Flores, of TLC’s hit show Extreme Couponing shares with us some of her extreme couponing tips & tricks to help promote the library’s upcoming Fun to Be Frugal program at the New Richmond Branch Library!

What prompted you to pursue extreme couponing? It’s not for the faint of heart after all!

Amber Flores: We actually have been couponing for years, but we stopped, because we lived in an apartment and did not have much room. We started back after watching the first episode of TLC Extreme couponing! We were like, “why did we ever stop!”

Do you remember your first couponing trip and how much you saved?

AF: Oh gosh! The first trip I can remember we had a mega sale and we got around $500.00 worth of groceries for around $50.00! We were excited and people were stunned around us!

What do you usually save per shopping trip?

AF: Our goal is to spend 10% of what the total bill comes out to or less and it is usually less than our 10% goal!

How much time do you spend on average ‘couponing?’

AF: WOW! That is a popular question! It really depends on the sales that week and what we need. We don’t EXTREME COUPON every week. I would say on an average week we may spend around 10 hours couponing and if there are really good deals or a mega sale we may spend 20 hours and that includes the actual shopping.

What has been your best couponing trip, to date?
AF: I would have to say it was on the show and we got our $2,700 bill down to around $180.00!

Do you have any tips or advice for anyone interested in pursuing extreme couponing?

AF: Well I can offer few!

  1. Don’t get stressed!  It will get easier I promise!
  2. Read and learn as much as you can! There are many great blogs to choose from, surf them all and put it all together.
  3. Find a site that has ad matches for your store; this takes away a lot of the work! All you have to do is look at the match up and find and clip your coupons.
  4. Start with one store and start slow.
  5. Always carry your coupon policy!
  6. Shop for what you need and don’t try to be like other couponers! Your family may not need 5 freezers, but mine does!
  7. Always have your coupons ready to go before getting to the store and before heading to the check out.
  8. Always use your coupon for the correct item and make sure to check product sizes and restrictions

Learn how you can start living frugally! Join the New Richmond Branch Library on Tuesday, June 21 @ 6:30p.m. to learn how to reduce your budget and save money!

Be sure to visit Amber’s website to learn more about couponing and much more!

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