Challenge yourself with these DVDs!

Sometimes it is good to re-examine your worldview and expand your horizons. I challenge you to watch the following documentary movies and not come away changed to some small degree…

Angels in the Dust captures the incredible devastation wrought on the children of South Africa by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. It focuses on Marion Cloete, who left her privileged life to open a school for over 500 children who have lost their parents to the virus. Several of the children themselves have HIV. While the subject matter sounds grim, it is incredibly uplifting to see the way these children respond to the unconditional love from Marion and her family. This would make an excellent resource for church and Bible study groups, or for anyone interested in why the US government offers foreign aid to African countries in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Closer to home, try 30 Days, a series which was originally broadcast as television episodes on FX. The series was produced by Morgan Spurlock, a name familiar to anyone who has seen the movie Supersize Me. This time around, instead of a steady diet of fast food for thirty days straight, Spurlock challenges himself and others to live in situations diametrically opposed to their own livestyles. He and his fiancee experienced what it was like trying to find housing and food while living on the minimum wage. When health problems arose, their whole house of cards quickly collapsed.

Other situations included a fundamentalist Christian living with a Muslim American family, a member of the Minutemen border patrol vigilantes living with an undocumented Mexican family in California and an unemployed computer programmer  living with a family in India that is enjoying prosperity due to the outsourcing of American jobs. These are real people sharing their homes, their lives and their honest opinions for 30 days.

You will be surprised to see who changes their mindset and who holds firm to their opinions!


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