Digging into ChiltonLibrary

Each day this week, we will take a closer look at each of CCPL’s new databases starting with ChiltonLibrary, which provides decades of information to maintain cars and light trucks.

To refresh your memory, you can access any of our databases from our Research and Homework page of CCPL’s website or by searching the catalog.

The name Chilton is synonymous with vehicle repair manuals and ChiltonLibrary offers that same information including maintenance schedules, bulletins and recall notices in an easy to use database. The repair portion of ChiltonLibrary contains diagrams, charts, photographs and closed caption videos providing a variety of ways to distribute the information.

When it comes to maintaining a vehicle, many car owners know it is important, and keeping track of it is easy if you refer to a maintenance schedule. But what if you have misplaced the owner’s manual or bought a used vehicle without one? Use ChiltonLibrary to look up your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance intervals, which are displayed in a grid so you can print it and keep it with your car. This feature makes vehicle maintenance a little more hassle free.

Vehicle safety is important to all of us and while there are several sources for recalls, ChiltonLibrary provides the convenience of recalls and bulletins for each vehicle in one spot. Now, this is one area where you hope there is not too much information, but ChiltonLibrary allows you to select a vehicle make and model and review the information.

ChiltonLibrary has a help link at the top of the page or you can visit the information desk at the library or call your local branch to learn more.

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