¡Hola Bonjour Ciao Olá Hello Mango Languages

Mango is a language learning database that uses real-life situations and actual conversations to teach a new language rather than just presenting grammar and vocabulary. The interactive set-up of Mango allows patrons to listen and repeat after material designed from native conversations learning the words and phrases as well how to use them in practical situations and conversations.

Patrons will be required to create an account and from there be able to select from 35 languages including the top five languages, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, and Japanese. Additionally, interested patrons may access 15 English-as-a-Second Language (ESL), packages to help foreign language speakers learn English.

The course is presented on slides for easily tracking lessons. Conversations are shown in English and as they are spoken in the chosen language the words switch as well. Additional slides break down the words in the conversation to provide the pronunciation. Users can even record their voice and compare it. The timer slides allow users to practice speaking a presented word. Throughout the lesson are cultural notes about the language, which keeps things interesting.

I began my lesson online, but was curious about the iPhone app. After downloading the app, I signed into my account, selected my language and begin my course. The layout for the app is similar to the website in presenting the conversation, words and pronunciation on slides and speaking the language while providing an opportunity to repeat it back.

If you are ready to learn a new language in an interactive format, visit the Language Arts and Writing subject guide and login into Mango.

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