Make it Legal with Law Depot

While librarians are unable to dispense legal advice, we are able to direct patrons to the information they seek. Often we meet patrons who wish not to seek legal counsel for creating legal forms and would rather photocopy such forms from books at the library. To help with these requests, CCPL now offers Ohio legal forms through Law Depot. This database allows patrons with Internet access to create do-it-yourself legal forms at any time of day.

Law Depot contains the expected forms, such as a living will, power of attorney and residential rental agreement, but there are forms for musical band partnership agreement, child care services agreement and roommate agreement. At this time Law Depot does not offer Ohio divorce forms, but it does provide prenuptial and separation agreement forms.

Patrons will find forms in the major areas of wills, real estate, sales transactions, business, cohabitation and consent. Most forms take about 15 minutes to create by asking questions and provide blank boxes for completion. Law Depot requires users to create an account and will save the documents, which can also be downloaded as a Word or HTML document.

Clicking Ohio forms in the Law Depot menu header provides a list of all forms available as well as a link to a video explaining how to use the database. Links for help and frequently asked legal and site questions are available on the left side of the page.

So after you have taken the guitar class through Universal Class and you are ready for your first performance, access Law Depot to create a performance contract!

To access Law Depot, visit CCPL’s Research and Homework page, select databases and scroll to Law Depot.

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