A View You Can Take With You!

Imagine a device with no DVDs to scratch, lightweight, ideal for small hands and designed to withstand drops.  Where can you get such a neat, kid-friendly gadget? At the library!

Introducing the Playaway View, which comes preloaded with three to seven children’s titles bundled together for up to six hours of playtime. Videos come from National Geographic, PBS Kids, Sesame Street, Nickleodeon and others.

The 3.5” full-color LCD screen has a shatter-resistant acrylic cover and the simple 7-button functionality makes it easy to use. The View has a built-in speaker, optional headphone jack and delivers high quality imagery at the touch of a button.

Each View takes four hours to obtain a full charge and the rechargeable internal battery provides eight hours of continuous play. One great feature for parents is that any charger with a mini-USB input will work with a View, including travel chargers.

The Playaway Views are located at the Amelia, Milford and Union Township branches and all View titles are available through the catalog. For help placing a hold, please contact your local branch.

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