The Map of Time

Felix J. Palma’s,  American debut novel, The Map of Time is not my usual genre but on the suggestion of a friend I picked it up,  and loved it.  It is not a short read by any means but it is a well written story including elements of  romance, robots, historical fiction,  mystery, murder  and time travel. The narrator sees all and knows all and is at times repetitive and annoying.  However there are so many other good things about this book that the narrator is easy to overlook. The novel takes place in 1888 London with three related plots and H.G. Wells as the connecting character.  H.G. Wells’ popular book “The Time Machine” has just been published and the time travel frenzy has gripped Victorian England. Wells is called upon to help a young man travel to the past and deal with the murder – by Jack the Ripper – of the woman he loved. In Part Two, a woman, unhappy with the social restrictions of the Victorian age seeks something else in a future time period.  In Part Three, Wells tries to stop a plot to murder Bram Stoker, Henry James and Wells, himself, and steal their fictional creations.  An imaginative story with well  developed characters.  Long yes but well worth it.


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