Writing Prompts and Story for September 29

Williamsburg Creative Writing Group

Prompts for the week of September 29th, 2011


In honor of the fall season, create a short story about fall. Practice writing in first person. Pick a topic or create your own.

Fall leaves, collecting them, admiring them, painting them, etc.

Fall trip, to see the leaves in the mountains, the New England stages, or just a trip that is taken in the fall season because of the weather and has nothing to do with the leaves, etc.

What it feels like, smells like, reminds you of, takes you to, makes you feel, etc.

Remember to take us with you

Five Words:

Create a short story using these five words:

Pumpkin, bowl, gym shoes, cast, cat fish


 Short Story by Bunnie Bolender:

 Out of This World

He came down in a beam of light. At first I could not tell there was even someone there,

The light was so bright. There was this golden shimmering light that woke me from my sleep.


And then I heard his voice. It was magnificent, deep, resonant. It touched a chord in my

Heart, in my very soul. The sound of it was so persuasive. He spoke my name.


Then when my eyes became accustomed to the brilliance of his illumination, I saw him.

He was beautiful beyond all comprehension. He was tall, beautiful brown hair,

Unblemished complexion, smooth, tanned skin, dressed in flowing robes. I was totally in

Awe of him I was in his power.


He asked nothing o me but that I believe.


I believe.

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