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Death Cab for CutieThe lights went down on PNC pavilion last Friday and the distinct melodic beat of the five minute instrumental slowly drew the crowd into each key hit on the piano. The lights began to flicker to the beat as the band increased its tempo. Finally the singer belted out the first words of the song…”How I wish you could see the potential…” the crowd erupted in a syncopated cheer and then they all began to sing along.

The band Death Cab for Cutie played PNC Pavilion Friday, September 30th and I was there. It was an amazing concert put on by the band from Seattle. If you were there or even if you weren’t and are interested, the Clermont County Public Library has a few of their CDs so you can give them a listen.

From 2005 Plans which includes the songs  Soul Meets Body, Crooked Teeth, and I Will Follow You into the Dark.  All of which were performed at the concert.

Narrow Stairs is from 2008 and has the song that opened the concert – I Will Posses Your Heart.

Their latest Codes and Keys just released this year and has the song You are a Tourist.

In case you were curious, the band’s name comes from the title of a song by the band Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah which they performed in 1967 film, Magical Mystery Tour, which many of you know is a film by the Beatles.

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