Iron Fey Series

iron kingDid you ever have a passing daydream when you were a kid, that your “real” parents are royalty and so you are a prince or princess of some distant land?  Meghan Chase, age 17, finds herself in the middle of that daydream when she learns that her father is Oberon, the Summer King of Faery.  Only it turns out to be more of a nightmare when her brother is kidnapped and taken to Nevernever and she must journey there to rescue him.  The Iron King by Julie Kagawa, brings Faery to life with a fantasy that has not only action and adventure, but a little “non-sickening” romance as well.  Meghan finds that Faery is a place where a Summer princess needs to be careful about falling in love with a Winter Prince because the Courts definately don’t mingle with each other.  Meghan is a likable and engaging heroine and it’s easy to get caught up in the story.

It turns out that Meghan’s adventures don’t conclude at the end of The Iron King, but continue in the rest of the Iron Fey Series, including The Iron Daughter and The Iron Queen.

The Iron Knight will be coming soon, so once you get caught up on these fun and “not your average fairytales” you will want to get on the hold list for this new additon to the “Iron Fey” Series.

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  1. Lol. Yes I most definitely have had that dream. Sometimes I will myself to have that dream. It’s pretty nice to escape from reality once in a while. Thank you for the feedback on the Iron Fey series. You make it sound pretty interesting. I’m such a sucker for fiction and once I get hooked, I can’t stop! Will check it out ;)

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