The Lover’s Dictionary

lover's dictionaryIt finally happened! David Levithan has written his first book for adults!

The Lover’s Dictionary combines my love for the English language and and great storytelling in a beautifully written account of how a relationship progresses. Amid the countless love stories that have been written through the ages Levithan has created a work that stands out as unique and timely. Written in the form of a dictionary, the nameless narrator explores the highs and lows of his love in a series of dictionary entries, each word defined by an experience somewhere on the path of his relationship.

Short but moving, this engrossing little book has entries that run the gamut from full page definitions to as small as “celibacy (n.), n/a,” The the words the narrator chooses to define can be laugh-out-loud hilarious, extraordinarily melancholy, and everything in between. The narrator’s “yearning (n. and adj.),” is defined as “At the core of this desire is the belief that everything can be perfect.” While a “kefuffle, (n.),” is described as, “From now on, you are only allowed one drink at any of my office parties. One. Perferably a beer.”  Words as beautiful as circuitous and sacrosant and as everyday as leery and fast are arranged alphabetical instead of chronologically in this short but poignant and extraordinary book.


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