Creative Writing

Williamsburg Creative Writing Group
Prompts for the week of January 19th, 2012

Let’s have some fun. We’ll call this show and tell. First of all tell us in a short synopsis, what kind of things you like to do. Do you have a hobby? Are there things you know how to make? Are there things you just like to do? Tell us about them and if you would like, bring something with you next week to show us.
Maybe you like to sew and would like to bring something you’ve made.
Maybe you like to cook and want to bring us all a goodie to sample.
If fishing is your thing, please don’t bring us a dead fish!
Perhaps you make things out of wood.
If the most important thing for you is to just hang out, then come and hang out with us.

Five words

Create a short story using these five words:
Portfolio, mantel, harass, hatchery, pit bull

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