David Moody’s Hater Trilogy

Originally, self-published on the internet with great success, the Hater series is a look at one man’s plight through the destruction of human society.  The series begins with Hater in which Danny McCoyne is stuck in a dead end bureaucratic job that does not pay enough to support his partner and three children.  One day people start attacking other people for no apparent reason.  The media terms these people “Haters”.  This story follows Danny as his world goes mad and the lack of the government response to the “Haters”.   This is a well written book built on suspense more than action.   In the second book, Dog Blood the two halves of society, the “Haters” and “Unchanged” are now at war, which can only end when one set is extinct.  This book is gory and packed full of action just the way apocalyptic books should be.   Them or Us, the conclusion, is set a year after the “Hater” attacks began and several months after the “Unchanged” dropped nuclear weapons on every major city in Great Britain.    This book is your typically post-nuclear war with a dash of “Hater” on “Unchanged” battles.  There are the battles over food and power.  The author does not flinch away from the violence people will commit over things like cooked dog meat when they haven’t eaten in days.  The third feels a little disconnected from the first two which ultimately left me a little disappointed with the finale.  Overall, I loved the series; it was definitely a great new twist on the apocalyptic “zombie” fiction.  I now cannot wait to see the movie based on this series being made into a movie by the director Guillermo del Toro.

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