Dirty Little Secret: Fiction Addiction

touched by an alienIt’s 2 AM and really, I should have been asleep 4 hours ago. When I get to work in the morning it’s a guarantee that I’ll look like death warmed over. My co-workers, being the sweet, caring individuals that they are will ask if perhaps I was bitten by a zombie. And I’ll have to lie to them, because there is NO way that I would admit to spending 6 hours reading a book about steamy alien love triangles.

I’ve got a confession.

I’ve got a fiction addiction. And not just any fiction, not classy literary fiction or engrossing mysteries or even epic fantasies. I’ve developed an addiction to the fluffiest of paperback romance. Bodice ripping historical romance with vikings and highlanders. Steampunk epics with surly mechanical dukes. Or, this month, my new favorite, hunky extraterrestrials in love with spunky Earth girls.

When I first saw Gina Koch’s ‘Katherine ‘Kitty’ Katt’ novels I laughed. A lot. And then months later I was stuck home sick with nothing to read but the meager offerings of my sister’s book shelf. Given the option between War and Peace and Touched by an Alien there was no question as to which direction my day was taking.

Cheesy title and bizarre cover art aside, I loved it. LOVED it. Just the right amount of humor, action, romance and general ridiculousness to compliment a head cold and two shots of NyQuil. A take action, think later heroine and a tough but sensitive, wisecracking alien fight Big Fugly aliens for the survival of Earth, using their brains, heavy explosives and an extra loud iPod. Sold.

I won’t give away the plot but I’m already on book 3 of (so far) 4 book series with no intention of sleeping any time soon. And you know what? I’m not going to be guilty about my guilty pleasure anymore. I like books, allllllll kinds of books, and sometimes I just need the sort of mental break that only trashy romance can provide!

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