Every Dog Has His Day

puppy that came for christmasIf you enjoyed the movies The Dog Who Saved Christmas and The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation about a former K-9 police dog turned family guard dog, you might enjoy the following books about working dogs, who are specifically trained to provide service to people with a variety of disabilities.

Sergeant Rex is the inspiring story of Sergeant Mike Dowling and his bomb-snifing dog, Rex, as they navigated the dangerous areas in Iraq in 2004. 

Captain Luis Montalvan returned home from his second tour of duty in Iraq, wounded and on the brink of suicide. Then he met Tuesday, a service dog that became his best friend, in  in Until Tuesday he recounts their life together.

In The Puppy That Came for Christmas, Megan Rix shares her experience training helper dogs for people with disabilities and how her life was changed and made complete by a puppy named Traffy who arrived one Christmas and stayed for good.

A Dog Named Slugger is Leigh Brill’s memoir of her life near the end of her college years when cerebral palsy worsened and she began to struggle with everyday tasks. Learning about helper dogs trained to aid people with cerebral palsy, Leigh applies and is matched with a big, lovable yellow Lab named Slugger.

Izzy of Jon Katz’s Izzy & Lenore is a dog with an uncanny sensitivity toward ill and troubled humans. She leads the author to on the difficult but rewarding job of hospice volunteer and while caring for Lenore, a Labrador puppy, helped Katz overcome depression.

In Through a Dog’s Eyes, Jennifer Arnold, a nonprofit service-dog trainer and provider, outlines her unique training method, which is based on teaching dogs to make choices, as opposed to following commands, through kindness and encouragement rather than fear and submission.

Using the search terms working dog, service dogs, guide dogs, hearing ear dogs and detector dogs will result in both fiction and nonfiction books related to this topic.

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