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communityIf you are going through “Community” withdrawal like I am, then find the library and check out first and second seasons of the always hilarious show. “Where is the library?” you say. Well these lyrics might explain where the library is located.

Donde esta la biblioteca. Me llamo T-Bone La Arana discoteca. Discoteca, muneca, La biblioteca Esta en bigtes grande, el perro, manteca. Manteca bigotes, gigante, pequeno, la cabeza es nieve, cervaza es bueno. Buenos dias, me gusta paps frias, los bigotes de la cabra Es Cameron Diaz

Translated to English…Where is the Library? My name is T-Bone the disco spider. disco, doll, the library is in the big mustache, dog, lard, Lard mustache, huge, little head is snow, beer is good, Good day. I like cold potatoes the goats mustache is Cameron Diaz.

Okay that might not help at all, but the Clermont County Public Library can, just visit one of our ten branches and get your “Community” fix.


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