New Year Resolution: The Walk

It’s that time again when promises are made to make a life change. 

Consider a different perspective when exercise is in the equation.

Set the alarm 15 minutes early.  Don’t think.  Get up, and throw on your “hamper” clothes.  Put on a comfortable pair of walking shoes. Don’t think.  Check the temperature.  Grab a coat, hat, gloves, rain gear, or whatever is necessary for the weather.  Don’t worry about your hair or face. Depending on where you are bring a flashlight, a cell phone (for an emergency), and possibly mace.  Don’t think.  Don’t listen to music.  Open the door and GO!  Start with a 10 minute walk.  Don’t think!  For the first 5 minutes let yourself complain about anything and everything – muscle aches, sore joints, the cold, the heat, the rain, the spouse, the children, the boss….. now, STOP and breathe the fresh air.  Look at the sky.  Smell the earth, a local bakery, or flowers.  Feel the frost, the rain, the wind, the snow, the sun on your face.  Listen to the birds.  Look at the houses you pass by, the gardens, the decorations, the rhythm of the traffic and people at a particular point in time.  Let your senses experience the morning as it is, not with what you have to do that day. Connect with reality in a fresh, stimulating way.  Before you know it you’re back home, ready for that hot cup of coffee and ready to think!

The key is to just do it and to do it for YOU.  Don’t think.  Just move.

Before you know it you’ll watch for certain flowers to bloom again, for the feral cats to stake new territory, for the lonely dog in a back yard to welcome you, for the pinks, blues and oranges of the sunrise, and of the gentle, soft breeze on your face.  You’ll soon want to explore a little further, investigate a new area, or solve a problem.  That’s when a new novel, a how-to book, a just released movie, or a favorite musician’s latest CD will inspire.  That’s when you check out the library!

Don’t think, just do it for you.

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