New Years Resolutions

ultimate low calorie bookHow many of you make New Year’s resolutions?  How many of you are successful in keeping those resolutions?  There will be a multitude of New Year’s resolutions made this year only to have them abandoned a few months later.  Ahhh, but the thought was there and that counts for something, RIGHT?  For many, January 1st is the day they will start on the path to healthier eating.   I think the key to succeeding is to have variety in your meals.  English poet, William Cowper sums it up in a phrase from the poem, “the Task” (1785):   “Variety is the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor.”

Try some of these new or fairly new additions to the library for some inspirational recipes, and here’s to a new you in a few months.

The ultimate low-calorie book: more than 400 light and healthy recipes for every day

Hungry girl 300 under 300: 300 breakfast, lunch & dinner dishes under 300 calories

Fix-it and forget-it lightly: 600 healthy low-fat recipes for your slow cooker  

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