Private Eyes are Watching You

My horoscope said it was the perfect time to sign up for an online class and we all know horoscopes are 100% accurate so I signed up for a course in Universal Class. Scanning the selections, I decided on How to be Your Own Private Investigator and immediately saw myself transported from the library, speeding down the road, dodging bullets going from adventure to adventure as the female Magnum P.I.

Shortly into my lessons I read I did not need a mustache to be a private investigator ala Magnum P.I. Excellent, I’m already off to a great start! Then, I was jolted into reality and learned that private investigation isn’t exactly what you see on television or read in the books. What?!

Private investigators work in the areas of work compensation fraud, piracy, accounting investigation, loss prevention and corporate espionage. The two main areas of the job are surveillance work and research. Sounds like I can parlay some of my librarian skills into the research side, but first I need to focus on the next few lessons about making observations.

Bookmark this blog and follow along on my journey into private investigation and whether surveillance involves sitting in a car eating donuts. Oh, that’s right, not every occupation lives up to its stereotypical movie counterpart. Be on the lookout for a Database Diaries post from Laura S. about photography! Hey, maybe we could be a team?!

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