ACT/SAT Preparation Program

Mr. Bisig, the founder of College and Beyond, speaks at the Amelia Branch on February 21 about taking the ACT/SAT. He’s spoken about a number of college issues over the years, appearing locally in the Business Courier, Cincinnati Magazine, and Simply Money. Call 752-5580 to register for the program.

Question: Do ACT and SAT scores play into scholarship amounts more than academic record?
Dan Bisig: Test scores are just one of the items taken into consideration for scholarships. When added to the GPA in particular, the higher the test score, the greater the eligibility for more scholarship dollars. However, please realize that some scholarships also factor in a number of other items including the curriculum a student has taken compared to the available school options, extracurricular activities and maybe even an essay. Bottom-line – Do your homework!

Q: How important are ACT/SAT scores when applying to college versus academic record or extracurricular activities?

DB: Once again, test scores are just one component of the admissions process for many colleges. The more selective the college, the greater the emphasis that is placed by Admissions Officers on ALL of these items (including essays) when they select their incoming freshman class.

Q:Is there a practice test online or in a study guide that you recommend?

DB: First, it is important to realize that every student has their own way of preparing for tests. Ask them, “What have you found to be the best way to study and prepare for a tough test?” There are many available options: some may need a tutor, others group sessions, maybe a Prep Book or a focused computer program.

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