Amelia Writing Group – February 14

Writing Prompts for February 14

1.  The plane lifted off the runway and into the air. The person next to you turns and quietly whispers in your ear, “I know I’m supposed to keep this a secret, but I absolutely must tell someone.”

2.  Not including people or pets, what’s the one thing that you’re most thankful for? Write a one-paragraph note that starts “I’m thankful for (fill in the blank) because … ”

3.  You receive a letter in the mail from an out-of-town relative asking you to drop everything and meet him in Boston ASAP. He doesn’t say why, but signs off on the letter (just above his name) with the phrase: “Treasure awaits.”

4.  You had planned to attend a friend’s birthday party and plugged her address into your GPS system, but the system guided you to somewhere else. Oddly enough, there was a man waiting for you at this mysterious place. “Sorry I had to rig your GPS, but this is urgent,” said the person.

Five Words –   Love,spider web, chocolate, cane, sidewalk


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