Dear Fancy Camera…

lesson 1

Dear Fancy Camera,

  • Fact: You are an amazing camera.
  • Fact: I occasionally take amazing pictures with you, my amazing camera.
  • Fact: I have no idea how this happens, I’m pretty sure it’s dumb luck.

When my family all pitched in and bought you a few years ago I had dreams of grandeur; all the amazing things we were going to do and see and record for the posterity of the world. Then, I got you out of the box, took a look at all the buttons, knobs and unintelligible abbreviation and promptly set you to ‘Auto: No Flash’. And, with few exceptions, that’s where you’ve stayed. I know you’re capable of so much more, but every time I try to learn I just get confused and bogged down with jargon I don’t understand.

When the opportunity to use you as part of a Universal Class project for the library came up, I was stoked. Every year we try to complete Project 365 together and ever year I fail horribly because you scare me just a little. I thought that, maybe, this was the year, maybe this is the kick in the pants I need to learn how to actual use you so that together we could be awesome! I signed us up for Digital Photography 101, and as you might have noticed, we’ve been awfully busy learning about photography and cameras.

lesson 1.2So far things have been going great. No prior photography experience was needed for the class so we started out in a place I was comfortable in (that’s code for I had no idea what was going on and they took care of me.) I learned all about digital camera history, metering and picking out a camera (that was easy, I picked you!) before completing our first assignment.

You clearly already knew about The Rule of Thirds because you come with that cool grid inside your viewfinder, but I was fascinated in how framing a shot can make such a difference. Basically, if I draw a great big Tic Tac Toe board across your screen and then focus the most interesting parts of the shot in the places where any of the lines cross, the shot will be more dynamic, interesting and generally awesome. I think the shots we turned in for our homework were a great example of how that works! We’ll start our second lesson this week, so make sure you clean out your filters and charge your battery because it’s going to be a pretty exciting adventure!



P.S. If you want to see the photos that we’ve taken so far check out our flickr collection here.

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