Moody Bluegrass Music

Moody Bluegrass! I stumbled upon this while sorting a stack of CD’s. What a catchy title, but really? Moody Blues…Bluegrass? I’m a fan of the Moodies, bluegrass, not so much. After much mocking and derision– the audacity of bluegrass musicians attempting the performance of the Moody Blues for goodness sakes–I decided that it must be heard to be properly evaluated. Color me amazed! This collection is a treat; the music, arranged with guitars, banjos, dobros, mandolins, bass fiddles and more is absolutely marvelous! Just goes to show: Quality music is universal and stands the test of time and arrangements. I listened eagerly for my favorites and discovered even more. The chart topping Moody Blue numbers are here as well as lesser- knowns. But rest assured, my personal fave, Nights in White Satin, is treated with respect and the musicians deliver. If you’re a Moody Blues fan, check out this album. If you’re a bluegrass fan, check out this album. It’s sure to put a smile on your face! And I just discovered Moody Bluegrass Two…Much Love; A Nashville Celebration of The Moody Blues! More terrific music!! But it’s not to be found in the CCPL catalog…consider this my personal request. 

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