Williamsburg Creative Writive Group-Story from January 12 prompts

Prompt from January 12th, 2012 (five words)
Willy Gets Upset

In the yard of attorney Charles Brown an earthworm crawls ever so slowly toward the front door of this two story mansion. He is on a mission and has been forever avoiding obstacle after obstacle.
In his first ten feet he encountered a beetle that acted as if he were going to snip his tail off. “Hey mister beetle what’s your problem” said Willy.” My problem” said the beetle. I have no problem except you getting in my way. “Sorry” said Willy.” I’m on a mission and must tell Mr. Brown that a jar of his favorite marmalade was knocked over by the wind and was broken and the ants are having a feast.” The beetle waved his antennae in disbelief.
The beetle knew the jar had been broken over two weeks ago and let out a beetle belly laugh. “You are just now getting around to telling Mr. Brown? ““No I have been crawling on my belly and it takes time” said Willy.” By the way, what’s your name beetle?” “My name is bailey and just stay out of my way.”
Willy was getting frustrated and knew it would take at least another week of crawling and listening to beetle Bailey just to reach the porch. He still had over a quarter of the way to go and he was getting very tired and irritated.
Willy wondered what it would be like to be back near the factory where his mother lived. He had been carried to this place when he crawled into a potted plant that Mr. Brown had purchased at the nursery. Willy’s mother had warned him to stay away from strange containers but Willy’s curiosity got the best of him. He now had a mission and he was going to complete it if it took him all week, which it did.
Willy crawled the last few feet trying to make it to the door. As he carefully crossed the porch he kept watching a hungry bird on the branch of a nearby tree. Willy reached the door and with the strength he had left he gave a hardy knock.
The door flew open and Mr. Brown looked left and then right. Finally in disgust he looked toward the threshold. There was Willy trying to tell him about the broken jar. Mr. Brown reached down and carefully picked Willy up and gave him a hardy toss back across the yard.
Again Willy spent about a month crawling back to the porch. He finally made it to the door and again he gave a hardy knock. Mr. Brown answered the door, but this time Willy yelled as loud as he could…”.WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ALL ABOUT!!!!!?”
The End TWW T

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