A Spring Peak

On days as stunning and rare in their timing as these, the sun acts like a magnet, pulling us out into its magnificent warmth. Although there have been a few warm days already, today feels like the first for an eager spring, violently shoving away our meager winter for an early start.

Unfortunately, the magnet isn’t strong enough to break the bond of employment. I’m stuck inside like most, leaning closer and closer to the single ray of light lounging carelessly across the entry wall, hoping for a drop to maybe stick on my translucent skin-a sweet kiss from the fun aunt, sunshine.

Thankfully, this building, the library, holds a piece of the gorgeous day inside. Books are a wonderful place to find 2D replications of those things you can’t grasp just yet (a European vacation, a butterfly garden, or maybe…that elusive tan?), and for the next 4 hours, what I can’t grasp I’ll find in “The Butterfly Gardener’s Guide” edited by Claire Hagen Dole.

Here’s a list of books to satiate your need for spring if, like me, you’re in for the day, or even if you aren’t. Maybe the more support we show, the quicker she’ll come, poking through the ground with zeal.

Toddler Books:
“Baby Loves Spring” by Karen Katz
“Ready for Spring” by Marthe Jocelyn

Beginning Readers:
“Spring Colors” by Brian Enslow
“Spring Surprises” by Anna Jane Hays

Easy Books:
“Spring Is Here!” by Alison Inches
“I See Spring” by Chrles Ghigna
“And Then It’s Spring” by Julie Fogliano
“How Mama Brought the Spring” by Fran Manushkin
“Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit: a book of changing seasons” by II Sung Na

Young Adult Novels:
“Spring Break: a Summer Novel” by Katherine Applegate

“Spring Fling” by Sabrina James

Adult Fiction:
“When Comes the Spring” by Janette Oke
“A Promise for Spring” by Kim Vogel Sawyer
“Winter Turns to Spring” by Catherine Palmer and Gary Chapman

Non-Fiction Books:
“Cherry Blossoms Say Spring” by National Geographic
“Spring” by Vic Parker
“Everything Spring” by Jill Esbaum
“Explore Spring!: 25 Great Ways to Learn About Spring” by Maxine Anderson
“What Happens in Spring” by Sara L. Latta
“Taylor’s Guide to Bulbs: How to Select and Grow 480 Species of Spring and Summer Bulbs” by Barbara W. Ellis

“Jump Into Spring”
“Here Comes Spring!”
“Martha’s Spring Gardening”
“Rebecca’s Garden: Spring Gardening”

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