PI Also Stands for Persistance and Intuition

In my last post I speculated as to whether I would need a camera if I were to become a private investigator and lo and behold the next lesson about tools of the trade started with cameras. It appears I’ll need a camera, laptop, note-taking supplies, binoculars, a digital voice recorder and a mp3 player to keep my sanity. Sounds like I’m going to need to take Amy’s personal finance class and see if my budget can afford this occupation.

Recalculating. By the way, it makes no mention of a GPS or map. Look at me and my observations (toots own horn).

Moving on to personal qualities, a private investigator needs the skills of patience, persistence, observation, quick-thinking and intuition. Luckily, if I am lacking any of these qualities, there are exercises I can do to improve. I would say my intuition was correct in thinking I would need a camera, score one for me. Okay, maybe I need to dig a little deeper.

Since these lessons are short, I moved on to the next one and learned there are four major investigative skills one needs to develop or hone: gathering data, verifying facts, analysis and interviewing. Again, exercises are provided to help work on these skills. For example, if interviewing isn’t my strength, the lesson suggests talking to people I don’t know or if I don’t like talking on the phone, practice talking out loud. These skills tend to overlap with what I do as a librarian, so I gave myself a check plus in this area!

Despite scoring well on all my assignments and quizzes, I do not have plans to quit my day job. However, I am happy this Universal Class provides plenty of exercises and questions about the nature of the occupation and whether it would be a good fit. Do I have patience, persistence, intuition, do I observe and am I quick thinker? Find out in my post next month!

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