The Newest “Bad Kitty” Gets My Vote

Join Bad Kitty in her newest adventure Bad Kitty For President.

Bad Kitty has had it with the stray cats in her neighborhood! She decides to run for president of the Neighborhood Cat Club to enact legislation to put a stop to those darn cats and their wayward behavior. Kitty learns about the election process from Uncle Murray, all the while making almost every mistake in the book. Will Kitty become president, or fall pray to her “Bad Kitty” ways once again? The fast paced nature of this book will appeal to both boys and girls and will keep them interested until the very end. Even the glossary is written in a way to keep the kids reading.

This book is suggested for kids aged 7-10, though it would definitely be informative for older kids as well (and even some adults, too!). While some of the political satire may go a little over the heads of younger readers, the non-stop laughs is enough to keep even the most reluctant reader entertained.

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