Amelia Writers Group – April 24.

The Amelia Writer’s Group will meet again on Tuesday, April 24th at 6:00 p.m.  All adult writers are welcome.

Try the following prompts!

Writing Prompts


1.  Write about your family, making them the very first family, living in a cave, killing the occasional mastodon.  How long could your family survive?  Describe in detail your surroundings, what life is like.  Have fun with this one.


2.  Write a scene in which a character professes feelings of guilt but clearly does not feel that way.  Use action, gesture and voice to signal her true feelings.


3.  Write a scene as observed by a character on the fringe of the action.  If you want choose an event from another prompt or writing.


4.  Write a story based on a myth or a fairy tale, setting it in contemporary times.


5.  Write an excuse for not working today.


Five Words – Write a short story/paragraph.  The following five words must appear in your story –   Great value, idea,  cookie,  research, container

Have fun with these.




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