Is White America Coming Apart?

Just finished a thought-provoking book by author Charles Murray entitled  “Coming Apart: the State of White America 1960 – 2010“.  His main premise is that white America is becoming segregated into an upper and lower class. The upper class is highly educated and likely, according to his statistics, to produce highly intelligent offspring as well.

Murray looks at four elements that he believes demonstrate why the lower class is expanding. They no longer marry at the rates they once did, leading to a high rate of out of wedlock childbirth. They cannot afford the kind of Ivy League education the upper classes attain and they no longer have the industriousness of their ancestors, choosing to live off of government handouts in lieu of seeking employment. They also have lost their “religiosity” and no longer attend religious services on a regular basis.

Murray believes these differences have led to a major gap between the classes, in which neither side has a true understanding of  the others’ lives.

This presidential election year has been filled with accusations that certain candidates are out of touch with “the common man” and that other candidates want to create a socialist society in which individuals are entirely dependent on the federal government for all aspects of their lives. Whether you agree with him or not, Murray’s latest is another thought-provoking analysis  of current societal trends.

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