It’s not Procrastination, I’m Just Too Tired to Lift My Arms

You know the best thing about Universal Class? I mean other than the fact that it’s free or the ridiculously amazing number of courses you can take of course.

It’s the fact that you can work at your own speed. Say, for instance, you are part of the team that opens a shiny new library branch, right in the heart of Clermont County’s shopping hub. The sort of amazing new branch where you opened more than 1,000 new library cards for patrons in the month of February or where almost 75,000 items have circulated so far this year (And that was back at the beginning of March when I first wrote this!)

Yeah, you might be kind of busy in an branch like that. But unlike other learning institutions, Universal Class lets you work around your schedule.

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t had the energy to do much of anything since you last heard from me. I scrapped the 365 Photo Project and I stalled out on Lesson 2 roughly three days after my last post. But I logged into my Photography 101 class this morning and was able to pick up exactly where I left off in January.

Lesson 2 is all about learning how to actually use my camera. We learned about adjusting settings like the white balance, shutter speed, and ISO, as well as about ‘tools of the trade’ that we might need like tripods, extra batteries, flashes and lenses. This was the hard core camera info that I was looking to learn! Our homework assignment was great; we just had to play around with the various settings and see how they changed images. I submitted the picture above, a composite of the same photo taken over and over at different shutter speeds for my homework. (That’s Darcy the Donkey, Gaelic Storm’s mascot if anyone was wondering.)

So that’s my story. I promise to have taken at least a few more lessons before I talk to you again. That being said, I’ve now signed up for Time Management 101 in addition to Photography. I think they might have some advice I can sorely use!

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