Julianna Baggott’s Pure

Pure is set sometime in the near future after nuclear detonations have destroyed the world as we know it. A select few escaped the blast because they had taken refuge in a dome. The people in the dome are referred to as “Pures” because the people who survived the blasts outside the dome are disfigured in very unusual ways. These people have been fused to inanimate objects, animals and each other. The people who live in the dome call them “Wretches.” Pressia is a teenager who instead of a right hand has a baby doll’s head. She has just turned sixteen and awaits the time when she is forced to either join the Operation Religious Salvation (ORS) or be killed by them. Her life changes dramatically after she meets Bradwell, a boy who has survived on his own since he was nine, and then, Partridge, a “Pure,” who has escaped the dome to find his mother. Baggott has created a cruel, but beautiful world that seems so plausible even with the bizarre mutations that litter the landscape. Pure stands out among the ever increasing numbers of post-apocalyptic fiction.

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