Williamsburg Creative Writing Group

Prompts for the week of April 12, 2012

I find the two most confusing things in writing are the voices, (first person, second person, third person and omniscient) and the tenses, (present and past and future). Because some of us are writing longer more in depth pieces, we need to be sure we understand the use of the voices and the tenses so that our writings will flow and make sense to the reader. So let’s practice:
Write short paragraphs using all four voices and all three tenses.
First person: the “I” voice Present tense: happening now
Second person: the “you” voice Past tense: happened in the past
Third person: the “he/ she” voice Future tense: will happen in the future.
Omniscient: the “all knowing” voice

Create a short story using these five words:
Sanity, critical, dialogue, eliminate, rat

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