Mango Language Database

Make the most of your travels abroad this summer by learning a few conversational phrases before you go by using CCPL’s database – Mango Languages.

Mango is an online language learning system that teaches real conversation skills for practical communication.  Available on the library’s website,  Mango offers  49 language experiences including Spanish, Italian, and German and  15 English as a Second Language ( ESL) lessons with  different levels of fluency.  The basic level offers lessons for common  and practical phrases that can be learned over a few short hours.  The more advanced level offers more in-depth lessons in language and grammar skills.

Mango uses the Google translation engine to translate phrases or conversations from one language to another.

You can access  Mango Languages on Clermont County Public Library’s website by going to and click on Research and Homework then click on Databases,   All you need is a computer and a library card.

Type Mango Languages in the search box  or scroll down the list  to Mango Languages.

Click on Access Database.  In Mango you have the option to create an account in order to track your progress or you can click on the Start Learning  button.    Choose the language you wish to learn and click on basic or in-depth lessons and you are on your way.

Be sure to check out our other language materials at the library.









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