The Dog Who Danced

dog  who dancedJustine’s journey to travel across country to see her terminally ill father before he dies, takes a horrible turn when her beloved Sheltie, Mack, is accidentally taken from her by the truck driver who was giving her a ride.  Afraid of the consequences of being accused of stealing the dog, the driver dumps Mack along the highway. Justine, frantic to get her beloved pet back, starts a search to find Mack while dealing with an imminent death in the family.  As the story progresses, you learn that Justine’s life has been a mess for years, with the trip to see her dying Father revealing painful family issues that are slowly coming to the surface.

Ed and Alice have spent the last seven years mourning the loss of their teenage daughter.  Blame and heartbreak have caused them to withdraw from each other to the point of living almost as strangers in the same house.  When they find a little black and gray dog by the side of the road they start to open up to each other as the Sheltie becomes a part of their family.

I admit the Sheltie on the cover of “The Dog Who Danced” by Susan Wilson was what first drew me to pick up the book and start reading.  Shetland Sheepdogs hold a special place in my heart since our family has the joy of sharing our home with these smart, sensitive and very loveable dogs.  More than just a really good story about a dog, “The Dog Who Danced’, is about people and how even the most messed up life can be redeemed.

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